By Catherine Jones
18th February 2014
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Please keep an eye on the website and also your emails regarding play at the moment due tot he adverse weather conditions.

It will be good to see you all there on Tuesday night, 25th, as we need to start putting together teams for matches we have coming up.

I need a commitment from you for the rest of the season as we are being invited to tournaments and pitch up and play matches. It would be good for you to get some competition.

Matches and pitch up & play games are usually always on Sunday afternoons. They will be at local clubs but also as far away as Reading. I will send out information regarding matches on a Wednesday and would like a response by Thursday night at the latest so we can let the clubs know.

You will need to find your own way there, for those under 18, your parents/carer will need to drive you there and also bring you home. They are invited to stay and watch you play and enjoy the rugby experience.

Please show us that you want to play and we will continue to get you games and give you the coaching and commitment you need.

Thank You
Catherine Jones
Coach & Admin Ladies

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