Farnham RUFC Does Sport Relief

Farnham RUFC Does Sport Relief

By Mark Jones
13th March 2018
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Its Sport Relief next week - 17th - 25th March.

England Rugby are proud to partner Sport Relief via Try for Change which uses the power of rugby union to improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in the UK and across the world.

See https://www.sportrelief.com/where-your-money-goes.

We’re going to get involved!
Thanks to Mark Jones for bringing this great initiative to our Club.
It’s supported by the committee and our Charity Coordinator.
Given the broad age-range of our players, there are many ways we can raise some cash.
For example:

Warm Up for Sport Relief
During Sports Relief week every player donates £1 to make the warm up fun, not the usual “beasting”.
Play a daft game. Make it fun!

Step for Sport Relief
Sponsor your most outrageous side step. £1 up front allows you to do one in the match you are playing. You can do as many during the match as you pay for.

Maybe emulate some of these - https://youtu.be/pQYJhcWhj48 ?

Try for Sport Relief
Donate £1 – at least - or get the whole squad to donate the same amount if you score a during a match - League, Cup, Friendly or Training.

Tour for Sport Relief
The Mini Tour to Dorset is a huge opportunity for fundraising ideas.

Use your imagination to think of other ways your squad can raise money both on and off the pitch.

The Coffee and Bacon Butty team could add a Sport Relief surcharge?

Senior teams could “fine” players during the after-match festivities?

Cash collection
Mark Jones has set up a club fund raising page for our donations
https://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/farnhamrufc and will make sure all the cash you collect is paid in.

Mini & Junior Team Managers or Head Coaches should gather the donations for your age group for Mark to collect from you.

Senior Captains / Club Captain / Coaching teams should arrange to collect at midweek training or on match day.
Mark will be at the Foundation Lunch on 24th March to gather them up if you don’t see him beforehand or you can leave the cash in an envelope behind the bar.

This is by no means a compulsory thing – but it’s is a great opportunity to show that Farnham Rugby is the #1 community club.
Let’s smash it and make a difference to thousands of those less fortunate than ourselves.

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